Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Works for Me Wednesday- OrGanIzInG with Cozi

One thing that Mrs. P needs more than a Starbucks Caramel Brulee (so sad their season has ended!) is organIzation! This farm is in DIRE need of organization and it just so happens that "getting organized" is one of my New Year's Resolutions....that and learning to say the word no..N-O. I have a hard time with no, thus if I'm not careful I find that we are rarely home because I have said YES to many wonderful things. I realize that part of being organized at home would require actually BEING at home. So after a nice long Christmas break and being home all that time, I realize how much better organized life could be at the farm. I've been reading organizing websites, organizing books and organizing magazines. I even listened to organizing devotionals like Dishes in the Dryer. But what it all comes down to is putting some action to all that knowledge. I have found a wonderful tool. And no, it isn't my home management binder (although I do LOVE it dearly) because I lost it for 3 days and utter chaos resulted in all of my mommy brain being recorded into that one notebook. So now, I'm backing up my written lists, notes, appointments, really everything into an online organizer called Cozi. It organizes my calendar, meals, shopping lists, to do lists and because I signed up for the FlyLady version, it even tells me what to clean and when to clean it. I can even have it text or email reminders to me, Mr. P or anyone else that needs to know what is going on at the Farm. Watch this short video and see if it won't work well for you too!

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