Thursday, January 26, 2012

Baby Proof Your Homestead!

It's FREE!  It's EASY!  It's a WIN-WIN!  Just place two empty toilet paper tubes on the toddler's hands.  (Just for the record, I found him like this.  A certain 10 year old boy baby proofed him.)

And all is good.  The toddler cannot open drawers as seen in the above photo.  He can't eat Legos off of the floor.  He can't drink carpet cleaner!  It's all good.....until the toddler figures out that he can eat the baby proofers and get free.  A few minutes after this picture he started to chew on them to try and get free.  Double ICK!  So while I don't recommend this baby proofing technique, it did result in about 5 total minutes of peace and quiet at our house...and lots of giggles while I tried to get him to pose for the picture....thus the very blurry photo.

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