Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Rosemary Garlic Cottage Fries

Rosemary Garlic Cottage Fries
3-4 leftover baked potatoe, diced
2 inch sprig of rosemary, diced fine
2-3 crushed cloves of garlic
2-3 T. olive oil (or your choice of oil/fat)
Cast Iron Skillet
Heat oil in the cast iron skillet on a medium to high setting.  (This is a number 7 on my cook top)  Now add the diced baked potatoes.  I leave the skins on and spread them out in one layer in the skillet.  Fry until one side browns.  Add crushed garlic and finely diced rosemary to the skillet.  Stir all well and continue to cook until the potatoes are evenly browned.  Now give them a generous sprinkle of sea salt and pepper.