Thursday, October 15, 2009

Started LBC Year 5

We started the new Living Books Curriculum year 5 this past week. However, just as we were getting started sickness hit the house. Thursday night Mr. C started with fever that lasted 2 and a half days. Sunday night Miss J got the fever and on Tuesday afternoon I got it. I'm sort of coming up for air now and trying to get the house back in shape. Mommy being in bed for the past couple of days has resulted in a rather trashed house. Considering that I've eaten almost nothing for 2 days I'm amazed at how messy the kitchen is. They had things to make sandwiches with and also canned soup for their lunches. Toast and peanut butter was there for breakfast. Who knew soups and sandwiches could make such a mess? I think I see some kitchen training lessons in their near future.
Lesson one: It only takes one knife to spread mayo on sandwiches. No you don't need a new knife for every single sandwich.
Lesson two: If we keep up with our glass then we don't have 30 to wash at the end of the day.
Lesson three: When mommy is sick, is not the time to attempt to clean out the refrigerator. It was a sweet thought, but if you don't wash those dishes they sit and get stinky. ;-)

So all of that to say, once I recover from the illness and the messy house I'll be posting about the Living Books Curriculum.

Mrs. P