Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Daily To Do list printables...Large Family Logistics style

I found these neat printables for your daily to do list.  I really like that they incorporate the reminders from the Large Family Logistics Yahoo Group. (She now has written a book about her way of keeping home.)

You can find out more about Large Family Logistics at her website or in her book.  My take on her style of home management is that she has applied the FlyLady principles to a large Christian homeschooling family.

 She even has reminders for things like:

  • lay out church clothes 
  • Phonics time since in large families it seems someone is always in the process of learning to read
  • Bible study, praying for your husband, etc
  • find Bibles and shoes
  • clip fingernails of little ones
  • scrub an area of your bathroom while bathing a little one
  • loads (haha) of laundry tips and tricks
  • load up crockpots (yes, plural) Saturday night for Sunday lunch
While I only have 4 children (trust me, in home schooling circles, 4 is a small family), I find that all of her reminders, tips, etc really and truly apply to my home centered life.  She also has a farm, like me and cooks mostly from scratch.  I love that she has little menu plans for lunch.  Seriously, there are days that coming up with a lunch plan is a major issue around here.  As a former teacher, I remember that the little kids at school have the option of a hot lunch every single day and try to at least have hot lunches for them some times.  However, I can never seem to come up with hot lunch ideas that don't also make a huge mess in the kitchen, so that's when I look at her menu plan.  They are all easy, minimum mess dishes.  She also has a crockpot lunch menu that works well too.  Anyway, that's enough about why I love her website and have read it for years.  This past month I stumbled across the Desiring Virtue website and the owner has created the most lovely daily printable to do lists utilizing all of the LFL reminders.  

So I just really wanted to share the printable with you, but I guess I got off on a rabbit trail and turned it into a whole informercial.  Anyway, check out some of these neat internet resources.  Now I better get off the computer and actually put some action to my daily plans.  

Many blessings,
Mrs. P


  1. Hi! I am really interested in your daily to do lists printables (large family logistics style). Are they still available? Thanks!

    1. I found the PDF of the planning sheets on my computer. Send me your email if you still want them.

    2. I would love a copy as well, please. email is Thank you.

    3. I have been searching everywhere for the link/printables! I contacted the Desiring Virtue page also, but never had any response. I would so appreciate the PDF of the planning sheets if you would be so kind as to email me!! What email address should I send my address to? I did not see a contact email address on this page, but I probably missed it! Thank you so much!!!

    4. Hi, I have been searching for this link for months and contacted Desiring Virtue and received no response. I would so appreciate the PDF file if you would share it. What email address should I contact you through? I could not find one on this page. Thank you so much in advance!! If I sent this twice, I apologize!

    5. Would you be willing to send them to me as well?

  2. I'm so sad. That link is down! I'm working on finding an up to date link. I commented on the broken link on her FB so maybe she will put up a new link. The FB is called Desiring Virtue.

  3. Can I please get the planning sheets? My email is