Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I should be doing algebra....

But instead I decided to look at a blog.  And if you look at a blog, then you are sure to click a link.  And if you click a link, you are sure to find eye candy.  And if you open your poor neglected blog to link to the wonderful eye candy, then you are sure to find an unpublished comment.  And if you look at the comment, then you will find another link.  And if you click that link, you will find a YouTube with the Essentials memory work.  And then you will remember that it is your Challenge "office hours" and you should get back to watching the Algebra 2 DIVE CD.  But you won't.  You will instead link to the links on your blog.  And then you will get back to your "office hours" and you will think how nice it is that you aren't a mouse and someone didn't give you a cookie, because then you really would be distracted.  (If you don't have small kiddos and have not read the If You Give Mouse a Cookie book or any of the companions, then that last part won't really make sense.)

Onto the links....

For those learning the 112 Sentence Patterns in Classical is a video!

And if you want to embroider while watching the above video, may I recommend Clementine Patterns?  I'm ordering a beginner kit for my daughter to work on this year.  I love the simple designs and use of scripture in her patterns.
Etsy Clementine Patterns

Many blessings,

Mrs. P, who is now getting back to her office hours since her first day of class is THIS Friday!  And if I get all my work done, then I will come back and spin you a tale, because we now have sheep.  And let me just tell you that sheep are WAY funnier than goats.  In fact, they make goats look like geniuses! hours.