Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Today's schedule

Why do things all tend to pile up onto the same day?

Today's to do list:

Miss J- eye appointment at 9:15
probably eye glass fitting afterward
Miss J- speech therapy 2:15-2:45
4-H Meeting 6:-7:30

Now throw in a full day of home school between all of those appointments..anyone remember the fun of pre-algebra and 3 digit addition along with Latin, geography, history, phonics, etc???
Also toss in 3 meals and clean up of said meals...I think we may just eat out for dinner.
AND... one of the big kids just fed the baby a piece of peanut butter toast...now I'm back to square one. I have to run and give that child another outfit change and wash him up before I have to leave in 20 minutes! And I can almost guarantee you that I will also have to change a diaper after the complete costume change and de-peanutbutter-ification. (It's my blog. I'm allowed to make up new words.) And add to the "House Rules"...Do NOT feed toddlers peanut butter toast when mom has already dressed him for the day!
Folks, it's going to be a busy day around here....wish me luck!

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