Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lapped Zipper application

So these next few days I will be the supervisor of all types of fair projects.  Miss A is sewing, sewing, sewing.  Mr. C has a model airplane to construct as well as some other crafts and foods to make.  The show animals are also busy with exercise and preparations for the livestock show.  School is still in session as well.  Miss A is not looking forward to her Biology and Latin exams on Friday, but this is real life.  Even when we are busy work/school still has to be done.  Today, just as I've done every year before this one, I vowed to organize the fair projects into our summer vacation.  Maybe this year, I will actually follow through on that plan. ;-)  Today, Miss A is working on a decorative pillow.  Here is a video on how to put in a lapped zipper.  Except for one small step, it appears to be pretty close to the zipper package instructions.

House on Hill Road Zipper Video


  1. Oh dear...I'm going to have to pop over to pinterest and look you up now...there goes my next hour! ;)

    Came by thru THL.
    Melyssa from