Saturday, January 21, 2012

Make Your Own Lined Envelopes

Envelope Template Download

Invitation Download

Ballet Birthday E-vite

Miss J is turning 8 next week and she has chosen a Ballerina themed party. We sent e-mail invitations with a ballet theme from punchbowl, but there were a couple of kids that I didn't have an e-mail address for. So I printed out a few and then realized I needed an envelope to put them in. That's me...all ready to paint the Golden Gate Bridge, but not a drop of paint or a brush in sight. Sigh.

What's a girl to do, but get crafty. After all I don't hord craft supplies (well, I pretty much hord most things) for nothing. I sent Miss J to my closet (where shoe shelves conveniently house fabrics, threads, ribbons, and craft supplies) and she came back with some baby girl themed scrapbook papers. I just used the above template and strategically traced it onto the papers so that I didn't get any words like "sweet baby" onto my envelopes. It worked well. And then I put names on them with my sharpie...which is really my favorite writing utensil of all time. The only problem is that you could see the ink on the inside of the envelope. So I took scraps from the papers and lined the inside. It ended up looking very intentional and cute, rather than a big OOPS! To make the lining, I just used the flap portion of the template and cut another piece from a coordinating paper. It didn't line up exactly, but if that is a concern you can trim the flap to make it perfect. I wasn't that concerned so I just left it. Although if I stumble across some decorative edge scissors before tomorrow, I just may add a little pizzazz to the envelope and give it a little trim. If you have time, be sure and check out the page with the ballet invitation printable. It was really the inspiration for the ballet themed party. The lady who designed it has put it out on the web as a free download and it is just so elegant and pretty. We plan to make the matching cup liners and maybe even the popcorn boxes.

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