Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Why Mr. C is not allowed to feed Baby C....

Last week on the way to AWANA's, I was in a rush as usual.  Getting supper finished, kids dressed and in the car with Bibles, handbooks, vests, etc can be quite an experience, to say the least.  The smallest of the children is a "Puggle."  He absolutely loves Puggles.  However, he does NOT love the drive to Puggles.  And he expresses his disapproval of the carseat and it's various strappings loudly and frequently.  This past week, however, he did not scream or cry.  Not even once.  He rode happily and did not even make a peep.  When we got to the church building, I understood why.  Mr. C had given him a popsicle in one hand- red, of course- and a banana - the whole thing- in the other.  So the ride to church was his own personal popsicle/banana bliss.  So now I know the secret to happy toddlers in the car.  However, instead of being happy at this new found knowledge, I grounded Mr. C from feeding him...forever.  I'm sure I'll change up that punishment later, but at that moment, 10 minutes late, with a red and slimy baby, I was not a happy mama.   So now you know why Mr. C is not allowed to feed Baby C.

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