Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What's for dinner?

Mom, what's for dinnnnnneerrrr???
Ahhh...the joy of hearing these words at 5:30 in the evening.  And worse yet, it when you have absolutely no plan.  Your day has been chaos since you woke and dinner was on the back burner of your mind.   Unfortunately dinner still has to be served, whether it's in the form of take out pizza or roast beef and potatoes.  I have been using the Saving Dinner menu mailer for the past 2-3 months and it has been really nice.  It doesn't cook dinner for you, but it sure makes it easy.  I don't use it exactly as it's scheduled, but instead use it for those busy seasons where I just don't seem to have time for elaborate menu planning, shopping and cooking.  Basically, if I see that I have a busy week coming, I will print out the menu plan of my choice (after being on the mailer for a few months, I have quite the stockpile in  my computer).  I can then easily shop for the week's groceries and just pull out the menu planner at dinner time.  We have liked almost everything I've made and nothing has been complicated.  Another bonus is that she uses real food, so it's easy to adapt for allergies.  In fact, she even has adaptations for things like gluten free, kosher, vegetarian, etc.    So there's my plug for that menu mailer. 

I also recently found another menu plan.  It's called 5 Dinners in One Hour.  I signed up for her free menu mailer and recently she sent me another free meal plan.  I had not used the first one, so this morning I printed both plans out and put them into my household notebook.  I will be using the plan next week to see how it works.  She does utilize some convenience foods, such as bisquick, but I will use the plan as directed this week to see how I feel about the plan in general and to see if my family likes her recipes.  I have to say that the pictures on her blog sure do look yummy.  The idea of making all of the week's meals and having them ready to go in the fridge in just one hour a week sure is appealing.  I'll try to get my Miss A to take some photos, because I tell you if this works it could be revolutionary!  I'm just imagining the time I would save with all of the prep and cleaning in that one day a week.  I could probably sew again...well, in reality, I would probably have more time to study Latin and prep for my class this fall.  But whatever, even Latin is better than doing dishes!

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