Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mother's Day Must Read...

If you are a mom with children under foot, making messes, loving, learning and otherwise, you really must read Ann's A Holy Experience today.  I came away with two words.  Erupt or Pluck.  Which will I choose?  It brought tears to my eyes and I realized that often I choose to erupt rather than pluck.  This is just the reminder I needed as Mother's Day approaches.  Not only for myself, but also so that I can appreciate all the times my own mother chose to pluck rather than erupt.  Oh how her parenting me has new light this side of mothering.  May you have a blessed Mother's Day whatever the age of your children and whether they are human or furry, because God has given us women the desire and ability to nurture.  Even before children, I adopted any animal, insect or others creature in need of nurturing.  I see my own girls doing this too as they start to respond to that internal desire and gift to nurture.  Someday they too will be mothers.  May they remember the times that I chose to pluck and forget the times that I fail and erupt. 

Mrs. P

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