Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Library Day

Library Day

Our Wednesdays are pretty set as far as schedules go.   We rise early to complete barn chores and household tasks and then we are out the door by 8:45 to go to our local library.  I live in a tiny town of 1,500 people.  Actually, I live in the country near a tiny town.  One huge blessing of this town is the local library.  I found it when Mr. C was about 2 and Miss J was just a tiny baby.  I've volunteered as the story time leader, served on the board for a VERY short time, and now utilize it solely as a patron at this busy season of life.  Toddler C is now enjoying the weekly story time and even Miss A enjoys the uninterrupted quiet at the table in the back while she works on Latin or Algebra in peace.  We usually pair this trip with a run through the local grocery store for milk and bananas or a run through the bank to deposit 4-H money.  There is also a little hardware store there and I am thinking I might can get supplies for science labs there, instead of having to drive 30 milks to the nearest Wal-Mart.  Our goal on Library day is to be home by 11:00, when we have lunch and then get right to work on the remaining school work of the day...that is, after, I pry the new library books from their hands and put old yucky math workbooks in their place.  They don't like this part of the day.  School work is followed by an early supper and then AWANA at church and Youth Group for Miss A. 

So my Wednesday Morning Chores are a little different since we are gone most of the morning.
  1. Pick up living room
  2. Put dinner in the crockpot  (Tonight it is Crockpot Sticky Drumsticks)
  3. Sometimes, I put lunch in the crockpot too.  (Today is leftover chicken tortilla soup)
  4. Find library books to return, sometimes often a difficult feat!  Oh the places, I find library books!
  5. Make sure all kids are dressed, teeth brushed, hair brushed, beds made, etc
  6. Pack a bag for Toddler C
  7. Make a list of anything else needed to be done in town (bank deposit, milk, etc)
  8. Normal Morning Chores (barn, rabbits, tortoise, cat, etc)
And looking at that list reminds me to get my franny moving.  I have lots still to do!

Mrs. P

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