Thursday, November 8, 2012

I need a BELL!!!

With baby #5 on the way and "baby" #4 now two and into everything, I've been looking at large family blogs.  Specifically how do they..... feed that many kids lunch, wash that much laundry, keep the house from looking like a tornado struck, get everyone's school work complete....etc.  And today I was looking for lunch recipes to feed a crowd and found this post on having a bell.  The only thing is that I DO live in the country and so I guess I need TWO bells.  One to hang on my porch and another for inside the house.  I know it seems that I could surely just run upstairs and find whatever child is missing, but I'm super busy on pinterest, lazy, you fill in the blank   usually in the middle of something and need a smallish helper in a quick manner.  Poop explosion and wipes are in another room, kind of busy.  (Sadly, my pinterest time has been really cut short due to the massive amounts of school, laundry, food, etc.)  Of course, then my bell would probably be sitting next to the wipes, but still I like the idea of a bell.  I had one when I taught public school and I loved it.  Does that make me weird?  Yeah, but that isn't the only thing that contributes to my weirdness.  So now I better run and switch out the laundry and start lunch for a crowd.  Mr. P and the kidlets will be hungry when they come in from the barn after washing and shearing almost a dozen goats and lambs for the upcoming show.

Mrs. P

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