Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Meet George Jetson! Houses in the future

For a unique learning experience, watch this video of the future of glass and technology.  There are a variety of writing projects that this lends itself too. I think this is most suited for the logic stage of development (ages 12 and up).  However, with my grammar age children (ages 8 & 10) there was some very good discussion about the video, whereas the older student can develop those thoughts into a complete essay.  I found the video fascinating, especially from a Charlotte Mason mom point of view.  I was so sad to see the technology in the forest, however my children thought it just enhanced that nature study.  Call me old fashioned, but I could write a whole thesis on how that could detract from the nature study, rather than enhance it.   Speaking of which, if you have older students in a co-op, this could lend itself to a great debate assignment.  Assign each team to one of the two viewpoints - 1.  technology enhances nature study  2. technology distracts from nature study.  Or better yet, have them prepare for BOTH viewpoints and then draw which viewpoint they will debate. 

Here are some ideas for writing prompts.

How does the technology of the future enhance nature study?  Or does it inhibit nature study?  

Which of the features would be the most valuable to society?

What do anticipate will happen to real life books in this future?  Will people still have books?  Is this good or bad?

Do you see any dangers or negative aspects to this house of the future?  Why?

What do you think of the house of the future?

Mrs. P

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