Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Chewy Granola Bars (gluten free)

We have been enjoying this granola bar for many years.  I make huge amounts of it up and freeze the bars for snacks throughout the month.  I found the recipe on the website.  I have found many, many, many tried and true delicious recipes that are freezer friendly there.  I'll list them below.  But first the link to the granola bars.

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The ingredients are: rolled oats, crushed corn flakes, rice krispies, etc.  Now that you can find gluten free oats and rice krispies, this is a very good recipe that can be gluten free as well.  I can't remember if regular corn flakes are gluten free, but I have purchased corn flake type cereals that ARE gluten free and they would be a good substitute in this recipe.  I found this recipe is very, very similar to the Quaker chewy granola bars we were buying.  I have made the recipe as it is stated and also with sucanat instead of brown sugar.  Both ways are nice, with the brown sugar version being a little more like the store bought bars.  I know they freeze well, because I usually make the largest batch for 180 bars.  

Here are other recipes that I love to have on hand from 30 Day Gourmet.

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