Friday, November 11, 2011

A Nursery of His Own

Back in August, I finally moved Baby C into a room of his own. I know that with Miss A, we had a room painted and decked out 3 months before she arrived, but Baby C is child number 4. And momma is getting old and lazy. I did not desire extra exercise in the form of running stairs at 2 am. So I did what any lazy mother would do. I stole the crib from Mimi's house and put one upstairs and my crib downstairs in my own bedroom. So at the ancient age of 1, my sweet baby finally got his own space. And I won't go into how it was my sewing nook, and technically not a real room. It has worked out perfectly for him and everyone else. Mr. C's Lego creations are safe and he doesn't have to endure the fussing and crying that babies are prone too in the middle of the night. Baby C now has a longer lifespan from having his own space that isn't full of choking hazards and pocket knives, tiny model pieces, and various other hazards that 9 year old boys are known to collect. So here is a picture of Baby C's new space.

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