Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Tapestry of Grace for Large Families (and small)

This morning I am finishing up training to become an advisor for Tapestry of Grace.  I think maybe I should do this each year just to get so inspired listening to Marcia Somerville share the curriculum that she wrote.  If you have not heard of Tapestry of Grace, check out these links to learn more about this unique curriculum that is a fantastic classical, humanities program.  What is the best part?  The best part is that when you purchase the curriculum it includes lesson plans and teacher notes for grades K-12.  That means that every child in my house is all studying the same time period in history.  This has saved me so much time in planning since I sort of camp out in the older kid's teacher notes section, which then has me prepared for teaching all the levels at my house.  This year I will have a K4, 2nd grader, 8th grader, and 10th grader.  This is our 4th year to use Tapestry of Grace and because of this whole family approach, I will own almost all of the books and all of the curriculum and supplements after this year.  So as I have slowly purchased books to go along with the curriculum (and utilized the library as well) I have invested and now have a program for my whole family for the rest of their homeschool years.  I can't even begin to tell you how many books I purchased over the first 10 years of homeschooling, that were never reused and were consumable.  Anyway, for our family, it has been a great fit and so rich and rigorous.  Below are the 4 years of Tapestry of Grace.  Click the Explore Tapestry link to see short videos and get a great overview of how the curriculum is set up.  It includes many of your homeschool subjects and you will just add in math, science, and language.  It does include an excellent writing program that follows their method of "Read, Think, Write" approach which works so well in helping the children to interact with the history and an in-depth literature analysis program using the great books.  One last point is that the curriculum is designed so that you can begin anywhere in the history cycle and designed so that you can be flexible.  We began with Year 3 and this year will complete our first cycle of history with Year 2.  Flexibility is the heart of this program, so check it out if you want to simplify your school by having everyone on the same page.

Explore Tapestry

You can explore more here and see a sample of the curriculum to try before you buy.

Try it for free HERE

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