Friday, June 12, 2015

A simple menu plan for a busy season

We just arrived home from the full week at the Texas 4-H Roundup and now are moving into another busy week.  It is the week of the 4-H Recordbook.  I have 3 kids working on recordbooks and did not need any sort of complicated meals.  This is my plan.  It is both frugal and simple.

Breakfast- instant oatmeal
Lunch- sandwiches, chips, fruit
Dinner- spaghetti with meat sauce, rosemary garlic bread, salad from the garden, green beans

Breakfast:Eggs, Sausage, Toast
Lunch: 7 layer Tostadas, rice, fruit coctail
Dinner: Taco Soup in the crockpot, tortillas, shredded cheese, sour cream, and avocado

Breakfast:Boxed Cereal with milk (no's hard enough to get to church)
Lunch: Roast Beef with carrots, potatoes, green beans, and bread
Dinner: Leftovers

Breakfast: Oatmeal with butter, sausages
Lunch: Easy Chicken Pot Pie
Dinner: Ham and Scallop Potatoes

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs on tortillas
Lunch: Salmon Patty, peas, raw veggies and ranch
Dinner: Beef and Barley Soup, Bread in bread machine

Lunch:Grilled Chicken on Caesar Salad (buy the kit and add grilled chicken)
Dinner: Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans, squash from the garden

Breakfast:Scones and eggs
Lunch: Grilled Cheese and Vegetable Soup (from Sue Gregg's lunch book)
Dinner: Sloppy Joes, chips, apple slices

Breakfast: Breakfast tacos
Lunch: Pizza and salad
Dinner: Eating out

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