Monday, April 16, 2012

Double School Desk

As my kids get older, I’m finding that my home school room needs more than a table and a comfy sofa for our lessons.  My older children are really needing a personal desk area to store their school supplies, workbooks and room to work without distractions.   The older two have really outgrown my current table that once held all of us during a lesson.  Now, I can really only put two to work at that table and still have room for their books and supplies.  Ideally, though I only put one at the table at a time because it’s really pretty small.   (You can also translate that to mean that the two older children need a desk where it’s physically impossible to kick each other under the table, make faces at one another or put their stuff in the others space knocking things onto the floor accompanied by delightful screams from the older sister.)  I saw this double desk online at the website which seems like it will be a perfect solution to my changing school room needs.  The best part is that the directions are all online is this easy to print PDF document. (link is no longer there, so I'm in the process of hunting it down.  Will update the link soon.)  So maybe you need a desk like this because your little home school students annoy one another or if your kids are unlike mine, then you may just want to make it because it’s so darn cute.  Even if my kids were perfect and always kind and loving to one another, I think I’d still want one solely on the cuteness factor.
Here are a few details from the direction sheet.
Skill level:-Beginner
Time to complete:-1–2 weekends, including painting
Estimated cost: $300, plus bookcase
Mrs. P


  1. Did you ever find the pdf? I would love this for my kids

  2. Sadly, I cannot find the PDF for this anymore...I really wanted to make it too. It is, from what I remember, a regular bookshelf and they cut out a portion of the back to insert the desktop. So the desktop is one solid piece and then they put the back of the bookshelf back so that you didn't have a hole.