Sunday, May 17, 2009

Colonial Redwork Patterns

Here is a link to patterns for redwork that tell the story of Colonial America. If you have young ladies that like to sew, redwork is a great project. This quilt would look very nice in my bedroom. Maybe I can get some time to sew myself one.

Here is another link with a description of each quilt block.


  1. I love redwork, and this does sound like a great handiwork project. I've been looking for some for my daughter that aren't too kiddish, but not TOO hard. This sounds perfect, so thanks for sharing! ♥

  2. Jamie-I'm glad to share when I find great things like this redwork quilt. I'm having my dd just do one block first to see how she likes redwork. She's more of a machine sewer than a hand work kind of girl.

    Let me know if you post pictures of your redwork, please. I'd love to see it.

    Mrs. P