Friday, April 17, 2009

Learning Grammar is FUN!

Yes, you read that correctly. Learning the parts of speech can be fun if you use this lovely book from 1878. It teaches the 9 parts of speech in a story format. Each part of speech appears before a judge to plead his case and tell which words belong to him. My dd (age 11) is really enjoying it and learning a lot. Each chapter ends with a very short passage where the children can practice what they learned. It fits nicely with a Charlotte Mason education or if you follow the Bluedorn's book Teaching the Trivium.

Grammar Land was so interesting that my dd was not too happy to find that she had completed all her grammar for the week and it would be next week before she could read about Mr. Pronoun. She thought the sad little Mr. Article was funny and and also loved the rich and wealthy Mr. Noun. We did the exercises assigned to the children of Schoolroom-shire by the judge and found them to be nice short lessons. I knew right away if she understood the part of speech in that short oral language lesson. You could easily make a short worksheet to go with each chapter with very little effort, if you need a worksheet for some reason.

I got my copy as a free e-book from a while back. I found it online here as a free online text since that freebie has long since expired. You can also purchase it from Either way, it is a nice, informal way to enjoy learning your grammar.


  1. What, grammar and fun in the same sentence that is not something I ever thought to see. I will have to look into this book.

  2. Really, it is a cute story. Of course, I enjoy diagramming However, my dd does NOT like grammar and she is loving it so I felt it was safe to share as a fun grammar resource.