Friday, August 15, 2014

chores for children

What age can children do chores?  I've seen a lot of cute charts on pinterest.  Today I realized that 4 year olds are great at mopping.  Yes, mopping.  I walked into the kitchen to find my 4 year old son happily mopping the kitchen floor.  He was grinning from ear to ear. And barefoot.  Of course, I pointed out that I usually mop in shoes.  I quickly realized the floor was wet and asked him where he got water.  He points to a nice glass from the cabinet. The blue ones that match and I use for company.  They are in a high cabinet. Luckily, he is a good climber!  He can reach the water on the fridge, so now my kitchen floor is mopped with chilled, filtered water.  The best part was when he looked around and said, "OH NO!  I'm trapped!"  He is quite spunky though and he immediately slipped under the table in the center of the room, runs to the other room and comes back with his mud boots on.  Why have I never thought of this?  Mud boots are PERFECT for mopping.  And now at least a portion of my kitchen is mopped and I have a very happy 4 year old that is "a happy helper."

Now, maybe I can put all of the kids in mud boots and give them all a mop.  The downstairs will be sparkling in no time!

Mrs. P

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