Sunday, May 25, 2014

My Menu Board

This past year I purchased cheap dry erase boards for my Classical Conversations class.  I had an extra board and realized that with the magnets on the back, it would stick to my fridge as a nice sized post-it note of sorts.  I have used it in various ways throughout the year, mostly to leave notes or list chores.  Yesterday, when I arrived home from the grocery store, I was jotting down what meals I could make from my shopping.  I realized that if I made a chart, I might be able to help the children learn about meal planning.  So I divided my board into 4 sections: Snacks, Lunches, Breakfasts, Dinners.  Now we will see if the kids can figure this out.  Ideally, a hungry child would walk up to the board and then know what there is to snack on, go ahead and start a lunch, or even possibly in a dream world, add ingredients to the crockpot and get dinner going on their night to have kitchen duty.  I have more lunch and breakfast options, if I am cooking from scratch and have plenty of time.  This is just the listing of things that my kids can easily do for themselves.

Here are the ideas I wrote down from my Aldi Shopping Trip yesterday.

raisins, cheese sticks, graham crackers, peanut butter crackers, popcorn, apples, carrots

cold cereal, yogurt/granola, fruit, waffles, pb toast, bagels, eggs/bacon

turkey sandwiches, mac/cheese, nachos, leftovers, pb&j sandwiches, smoothies, bean burritos, canned soup

Teriyaki chicken w/egg rolls, pizza, hungry jack casserole, chicken enchiladas, spaghetti w/salad and bread, oversized meatballs, bbq chicken, crustless quiche

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